Senior Employment

These web sites contain information designed to assist job seekers in finding employment and/or training opportunities that may help ensure economic independence and security.

1) If you are 55 or older, unemployed and looking to reenter the workforce, you may qualify for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Programs are administered in each of Florida’s 67 counties. For more information:

The SCSEP is a program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that serves low-income persons who are 55 and older and have poor employment prospects. Eligible individuals are placed in part-time community service positions with a goal of transitioning to unsubsidized employment. For more information, go to

2) The Silver Edition website is Florida’s new easy-to-use source of help for persons age 50 and over who are looking for a job or volunteer opportunities. The idea behind Silver Edition is to make it easier for older workers andolder worker-friendly employers to find each other. The website was created to provide useful information to older, retirement-age job seekers who wish to remain in – or return to – the workforce. Seniors can go to the website and create a user profile. They can then search available jobs offered by “older workerfriendly” businesses and organizations. Once a prospective job is identified, the user can create a resume and apply for the position online. For older Floridians more interested in volunteering, the Silver Edition website lists available volunteer opportunities in each community. Silver Edition users will be able to enter their zip code and then select the “volunteerjobs” option.

3) The Employ Florida Marketplace web link:

Employers are also using the new Silver Edition website to attract older workers. These employers understand that today’s labor force is a multi-generational reality and they recognize the tremendous benefits of hiring and retaining older workers.

Additional information and resources include: