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Are You A Caregiver?  Are you providing unpaid assistance to a spouse, relative, or friend who is ill, disabled, or needs help with basic activities of daily living? If so, whether or not you live with the person you are helping, you are a caregiver, and this web site is for you.Click here for full article.

Caregiver Web Sites, Books, and Videos  We have reviewed National, Florida, and local Pinellas and Pasco County caregiver web sites and listed each type alphabetically with links. You may also find our reviews of caregiver books and videos helpful. Click below.Caregiver Web Sites
Caregiver Books/Videos

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders  Learn more about Alzheimer’s, clinical evaluation, research, support groups, and driving issues. Topics such as financial assistance, community services, and legal considerations may help other caregivers as well. For the Introduction to this section of our web site, Click here.
The Four Stages of Caregiving: To let you know that you are not alone and that there are resources to help you, we have written a step-by-step guide to caregiving. Click on the Introduction or on any Stage for a choice of articles. If you bookmark our site, it will be easier to find when you want to read more.

The Four Stages of Caregiving: Introduction

Stage 1: When You First Become A Caregiver

Stage 2: When You Have Been A Caregiver For a While.

Stage 3: When You Are a Heavy-Duty Caregiver.

Stage 4: When You Are a Caregiver Who Has To Let Go.