Caregivers REST Project – Funded 2002- 2004

Caregivers of Seniors Resources, Education, Services and Training (REST) Project

This three-year demonstration grant from the U. S. Administration on Aging ended in August of 2004. However, the Caregiver Handbook and other resources created by this grant is still available online here.

The Handbook describes the journey of caregiving and provides resources specifically for caregivers living in this area of Florida. The www.AgingCareFL web site includes The Four Stages of Caregiving, the step-by-step guide to caregiving first written for the Caregiver Handbook and converted from book format to a series of articles for the web site, more tips and resource information for caregivers, and reviews of caregiver books, videos, and web sites.

Printed copies of the Handbook can be obtained on the Documents and Publications page of this website. (Each section can be downloaded separately as an Adobe pdf file. There is also a link to free Adobe Reader software to enable you to access the publication.) Copies are also available by calling The Senior Helpline at 1-800-96-ELDER, (1-800-963-5337). For inquiries from outside of the area call 727-217-8111.